3. Ellsworth Carbon Fiber


Ellsworth Carbon Fiber

Ellsworth Carbon Fiber bike frames are very lightweight, yet they possess the strength and stiffness necessary to survive the rigors of hard riding in varied terrain. We can create this magical blend of physical characteristics because the orientation and number of each individual layer of carbon fibers in the production frame is specified according to a carefully engineered design schedule. The result is a composite structure that provides the best possible ride quality, durability, and performance. We also offer the reassurance that your bicycle was manufactured in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Our high-modulus Toray carbon is certified and carefully tracked from its creation all the way to its use in our frame molds. Our designs minimize the total amount of material used, and our processes minimize waste. Our state-of-the- art manufacturing facilities in California and Taiwan exercise responsible practices, and we make sure to properly control the dissipation of carbon particulate in the finishing process. Our goal is a precise balance of high-tech manufacturing and old-fashioned stewardship. Feel good about your next best-ride-ever.