Incredible Ellsworth offer for Cape Epic and Transcape entrants

We are convinced that the Ellsworth Epiphany is the best bike for the ABSA Cape Epic and TransCape events. To put our money where our mouth is we will refund you R30,000 of your entry fee if you buy an Epiphany on/or before 30 November 2016.

“Ellsworth is the worlds best handcrafted mountain bike. Perfect for the harsh conditions of South-Africa. From trail riding to racing, Ellsworth offers the best suspension with their unique Instant Center Tracking. Less bob means more speed, yet never losing traction and compromising comfort. I need every advantage when I race, and Ellsworth offers the complete package.

The best bike you’ll ever ride”

Hanco Kachelhoffer


Terms and Conditions

  • Applicable on Ellsworth Epiphany Carbon
  • Refund will be up to R30,000 but limited to your actual entry fee