5. Instant Center Tracking


Instant Center Tracking

Ellsworth Instant Center Tracking (ICT) provides a fully active, ultra-efficient rear suspension. It is a true four-bar linkage design that aligns the instant center (aka: virtual pivot) with the chain force line. This alignment places the effective suspension pivot in front of the bike and always at or very near the chain force line throughout the range of suspension articulation. The result is a bike that won’t bob when you pedal, nor will it exhibit pedal kickback when the suspension compresses over bumps in the trail. Anti-squat is also part of the ICT suspension geometry to ensure that your pedaling energy translates into forward motion. All of this comes at zero cost to bump sensitivity whether pedaling or coasting. In fact, Ellsworth bikes are designed to be able to be ridden in any situation in any terrain with the rear shocks in the open position. Because of this, Instant Center Tracking provides the efficiency you want, the traction and control you need, and the ability to ride farther and faster with less fatigue.